Weekend Adventures in the Cold & The First Snow

Winter has truly set in now I think. Temperatures stay close to freezing and this week we experienced our first snowfall and all of the mayhem that comes with it.

First Snow of Winter

Mia absolutely loved the snow! Playing in it and eating it. She begged to go outside all day for the couple of days that it stuck to the ground. Brooks loved sliding around on the ice and throwing snowballs at the house. There were tears the day that we woke up to find the snow had melted.

I, on the other hand, don’t care much for the snow. It’s pretty to look at but it created crazy driving conditions. My typical 10 minute drive to Brooks’ school was close to an hour! And this is on gritted roads where there was no ice!

Brett’s car got stuck at the top of the hill in our neighborhood and couldn’t go any further due to the ice. He had to leave it where it was and walk home until some of the ice melted. Meanwhile, I almost hit his car trying to come back into our neighborhood! I have zero experience driving on ice and his car nearly got the brunt of it!

Walk in Countesswells Woods

Everyone and their damn New Years Resolutions were at the gym Saturday morning when Brooks and I showed up for our classes. The parking lot was so nuts that we sat for 30 minutes not moving because it was so congested with cars. Since there were no parking spots to be found, I decided we would scoop up Mia and Brett and head to Countesswells Woods for a forest walk instead. I was hoping for a wee bit of exercise but what I got was an extremely leisurely walk in the cold with two complaining children. They weren’t complaining about the cold. There were complaining about literally everything else.

Mia wanted a treasure map. Brooks wanted to go on the yellow route, not the green one. We were walking too fast, we were walking too slow, we’d gone too far, they wanted to be carried…Etc. Etc. Etc.

Our walk was ended when Mia tripped and fell face first into the mud.

She. Was. Furious.

Dunnottar Castle & MacDuff Marine Aquarium

I was up bright and early Sunday morning to get some photos of Dunnottar Castle at sunrise. By the time the sun was fully up my fingers and toes were frozen! It was worth it though because I got some great shots of one of my favorite places.

In the afternoon we trekked up north to MacDuff’s Marine Aquarium. It’s now the farthest North that I’ve ever been! Naturally, Mia fell asleep about 6 minutes before we got there so she was a screaming hot mess right out of the gate.

The aquarium by itself leaves a bit to be desired. Brett and I were feeling a bit disappointed that we’d driven an hour for what was there. Then came time for the fish feeding! We were the only people that showed up for it so Brooks got TONS of special attention and was able to see several extremely rare European lobsters who the guide was able to coax out of their hiding places. He was a wealth of knowledge and Brooks ate it up – asking every question that popped into his head while tapping the guy in the chest if his attention strayed.

MacDuff is right on the coast so after we fought both kids about things from the gift shop, we drove along the coastal road and into Banff where we were able to get some pictures of the early Blood Supermoon – or whatever it’s called.

The ride home consisted of Brooks warning us that he might throw up at any minute and Mia screaming that she wanted “Dog” or a TV – she didn’t care for the iPad – she wanted a real TV.

It also consisted of me thinking of my parents – and how they used to say that I was such an awful car rider when I was young that they needed a six-pack to get through the drive home from my grandmother’s house.

I no longer judge them for that.


  1. Wizzer says:

    That’s impressive, cousin. Wasn’t Good Ol’ Victoria only about an hour from Grandma’s house?


  2. Carolyn Larsen says:

    I’m loving these pictures! (I can’t believe you were judging me! Ha!)


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