Dearest Crady…

Our dearest Crady,

Oh how we miss you! Let me count the ways…

  1. We miss your weekly visits and impromptu happy hours that sometimes turned into late night drinking and betting affairs on the contestants of The Voice.
  2. We miss your stack of Sam’s styros in our pantry and the bottle of Tito’s in our freezer – sometimes less full than your last visit when days were a little too rough.
  3. We miss the nights at The Stag’s Head playing Golden Tee and Big Buck Hunter sipping vodka sodas on the patio in between rounds.
  4. We miss World Star Hip Hop, Larry King (we loved your Larry King phase) and Vine Comp marathons and you showing us your nunchuck, spider fighting, and machete skills.


5. We miss slappin’ the bass with you and playing it like Lionel Richie – all night long…

6. We miss you being the facilitator of fires whether in our backyard or yours, making memories between the flames.

7. Most of all though, we miss your spirit of generosity. Your gifts of time with Brooks as well as physical gifts that showed he wasn’t ever far from your mind. The small gifts you brought to us on your weekly visit that showed you were thinking about us, too. The phone calls and trips to our home that you made to check on the kids and I when Brett was out of town, the calls you made to ensure that our special moments were that much more special.

Crady and Brooks


Not quite an uncle, but much more than a friend…we miss you, Paco! Si, si, si.

(Also, Crady is quite well. He just wasn’t sure of how much we missed him so we needed to formally let him know. 😉 )


You’re damn hard to get a picture of Crady! Thank goodness there was a professional there the day of our wedding!

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    This is pretty darn amazing!!! ❤️

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