First week of freedom!!

This week was Mia’s first week of what will be her typical nursery schedule! She goes Monday & Tuesday 8:30 – 3:00 and Wednesday from 8:30 – 12:00. She has LOVED it! She’s made bread, collected items in the garden, painted with vegetables, played in the toy kitchen and read LOTS of Peppa books!

I’ve been counting down the days when I would at last have two full days to shop and cook and clean without Peppa or Paw Patrol in the background and having to alter my schedule to fit Her Majesty’s nap time. I even joined a gym!

On Tuesday night I got a call from said gym. It was Elaine, the sales girl, wondering why I hadn’t come in. Well ELAINE, SO FAR MY FIRST WEEK OF FREEDOM HAS BEEN SPENT DEALING WITH THE NHS AND KEEPING MY SON’S FEVER UNDER 102! Yep. That’s right. My first week sans children in nearly three months and my son has the audacity to get sick. It was a pretty spectacular virus too. High temperatures and lots of -ahem- bathroom trips.

So, what was supposed to be my first days sans children turned into my first time working with the National Healthcare System (NHS). I called right at 8, when they open, and was told that the next available appointment was at 10:40. We were taken back to see the doctor at a few minutes past 11. She couldn’t find the cause of his high fever and asked that we bring in a urine sample to rule out a bladder infection. (This place is a whopping 5 minutes from our house. Like less than a mile. He didn’t have to go when we were there but sure did have to go the SECOND we walked in the door of our house.)

Poor sweet, sick, Brooks in the waiting room at the Cults Medical Centre

While there, I asked the doctor to look over his allergy stuff to see if we would need to see a specialist. She initially said she didn’t think so but would review the paperwork further and get back to us. If we don’t have to wait months to see a specialist or pay massive amounts out of pocket for a private doctor, it will be AMAZING! We got a call the next day to schedule Brooks with an asthma nurse and have a follow up appointment with the doctor at the end of the month. (It would have been MUCH sooner but the doctor is taking off for the October term holidays and the next typically available date has been slotted for professional development.)

Met with the asthma nurse this afternoon. She was intrigued with the tests that I presented her with from our previous doctor. Good news – Brooks can continue taking his daily inhaler! They have to change the rescue inhaler because they don’t carry his kind her but she assured me that it would work for him just fine.

So far, based on my two interactions with them, I’m happy with the NHS!

In other news, I’ve never experienced a change of season.

It. Is. Beautiful.

The weather continues to be cool and crisp – not cold – and predictable in its unpredictability. This morning we only needed light sweaters when walking to school. By noon, we shed our sweaters. By 4 PM, I was hot. At 5:30 PM it started raining and was windy – sweaters back on and windows closed – happy we’ve figured out how to work the heat. By 6:30 PM I walk down the street to my friend’s house in a light sweater – not really needed!

Yes, I know that winter is coming. I’m trying not to stress about it or pre mourn the loss of the sun. Hopefully days like this make up for it.


But none of this matters because JAMIE IS COMING TO VISIT TOMORROW!!!!!!!!!!

It is not possible for me to be more excited!