Moving Day & Amazon

We did it! We made it through a week sans TV or Internet! We paid dearly for the week in data fees on our phones and paid dearly in terms of whining from both children: Mia on repeat that she wanted to watch “Pa Po” – Paw Patrol – even though she just likes to listen to the theme song which she has at her finger tips in a book – and Brooks mercilessly torturing us about playing some dinosaur game that necessitates the internet. I certainly try to avoid having my kids glued to screens all the time but they do provide some relief to their constant need to be touching me. I might even be able to sneak off and use the restroom, excuse me, toilet, as is proper to say here, without an audience! It ended up being a great week to read Ron Chernow’s biography of Alexander Hamilton though. (Facinating!) I’m still not done with it. Those who usually read with me are shocked I’m sure but it is DAMN long! The lack of connection has also resulted in a build up of information so there will most likely be long rambling thoughts and the fusing together of seemingly unconnected ideas over multiple posts. 🙂

The kids moments after our internet connection was activated sitting on the only “seats” we have currently.

Sunday was our move-in day to our new “permanent residence”. So instead of having all of our luggage and belongings spread out over a cramped apartment, we now have it spread out over three floors. Joy! At least we are not inhaling the others’ exhaled breath any longer. Our air freight, which was supposed to only take a week to arrive and was packed on 24 July, (I’m trying to get used to the way everyone else writes the date) is allegedly arriving at our home today, 10 August. Yes! Two weeks! Two weeks of being without everything that we thought of such importance that we could only go without it for a week. At this point I don’t believe that anyone is showing up until they’re on my door step.

Prior to our move, I had some things shipped through Amazon Prime UK. (It typically only takes one business day to reach you although I’ll say that there are a lot less things listed through “Prime” as there are in the US.) I got notification that they’d been delivered and drove to the house to push them inside. When I arrived, they were no where to be found! Not at the front door, not at the back door, not behind the gate, not in the little shed in the back yard garden, not in the garage – although how they would have gotten it in there, I don’t know.


Both children were following me around carrying on about a million things at the top of their lungs while I start to panic at the thought of having to contact Amazon with an international call that is surely going to rack up crazy charges while simultaneously keeping my children off of me while I speak to someone with a thick accent and explain my situation. I checked the delivery notification via the app and discovered that they had been left with my neighbor. This is apparently a common practice here! In your delivery options it actually asks you to list which neighbor you’d like it left with and their name. I find the whole practice terribly rude! Why should my neighbor be bothered if I stepped out to run an errand during my delivery window?! Why should I have to then wait until my neighbor and I are home at the same time so that I can bother them yet again to receive my packages? Just leave them on the front door step and save everyone involved a lot of trouble!

Our neighbor didn’t seem to think anything of it when I knocked mid day and to introduce myself, my children – who were throwing rocks at his house, and ask for my huge packages. I was mortified though and apologized profusely both for the packages and for the couple years he would have to endure my charming terrorists. Thank goodness it wasn’t anything embarrassing. They didn’t ship in Amazon boxes so all he knows is that we have two air mattresses and a fan. What if it had been something supremely mortifying?

Back to moving day! All we had with us was our luggage and air mattresses so the big move really didn’t take long. Mia’s crib should be arriving in the air shipment as well as a Helix mattress for us that will transfer to the guest room when our regular mattress arrives. So thankful that we will soon not be sharing an air mattress! That will be it for furniture for a while though. In this moment I’m thankful for the predominately carpeted house.

Living Room View
My view from the living room floor where I’m sitting to write this.


After lunch and Mia’s nap, we headed to the beach with our Yeti (that randomly made it into one of our catch-all suitcases) full of wine. You’ll probably never get a tan at Aberdeen Beach but your children will most likely not be in the water so you don’t have to worry about them drowning. The wind off the North Sea is always cool so it’s perfect for a glass of red wine while watching your children fight over one shovel and search for sea glass.