Initial Impressions of Aberdeen

It’s kind of like Corpus. Exchange the Selena statue for William Wallace and other dudes that were leading wars before America was a twinkle in the Pilgrims’ eyes and it’s about the same. It’s roughly the same size as Corpus and it’s on the beach. It’s not a super sexy destination. No one from the US is saying that they’ve always wanted to go to Aberdeen in the same way that they would about London, Paris, or Rome. Much like no one from the EU or UK is fantasizing about when they’ll finally make it to the Corpus Christi Bay. However visiting is quite nice, even if it wasn’t at the top of your bucket list. And it is STUNNING. Many people complain about the gray buildings during the winter – making the entire city gray – but the hills in varying shades of green and amber are just stunning.

As you’ve most likely often heard about all things European, most things are quite small, including parking spaces. However, at nearly every establishment we’ve been to there has been a separate section identified and reserved for families or for kids in strollers that have massive spots and are usually pretty close to the entrance of the store shops. LOVELY!

The weather has been amazing this week. Highs in the 70s, one day even reaching 80 (which was kind of rough with no AC.) Lows in the high 50s making the evenings so pleasant.

This week the kids and I started our outings at Duthie Park. Absolutely lovely! It was my first time driving alone and no one was injured so I mark it as a win!


Next up Hazelhead Park and the “Petting Zoo”. My experience of a petting zoo has been where the kids get food and feed and pet the animals in the petting zoo. No so in Aberdeen. There were strict no feeding signs everywhere and the animals were in pens. If they were so inclined they could come to the fencing to be pet but it was mainly the goats who felt any need to acknowledge our presence. Big win for the kids though. They loved it!


Our last big adventure (and by that I mean me driving solo through unknown streets) was to Aberdeen Beach. We definitely wore the wrong thing. Rain boots and shovels and buckets were a must. We acquired a new stroller, since the last one didn’t make it one piece – a City Mini Jogger for traversing the wooded trails behind our house – and I thought that surely we could walk on the beach with it. Plus, I could clearly see other moms doing the same thing. The cargo I was carrying might have made the difference but it definitely wasn’t going to work for us! Additionally, Mia insisted on wearing her sandals, got wet and the inevitable sand in her shoes and cried the rest of the time. In the pics below, you should be able to see the little boardwalk, the amusement park, some barges and wind turbines in the distance.


What I’ve learned this week:

  • To drive in the middle of the left hand side of the road, you have to make yourself feel like you’re driving on the dashed white line.
  • You’re supposed to say, “Well done!” instead of “Good job!” I don’t know why. It’s just a thing.
  • So far, I’ve only found Claritin and Benadryl to treat allergies in kids and the Benadryl does NOT make them crash. Big negative for Scotland right there.
  • You do your own bagging at the grocery store and the cashiers sit.
  • There is nothing like Kraft Macaroni or Fruit Snacks or even squeeze applesauce packets. There is nothing like the biscuits we’re used to having and no cinnamon rolls for Brooks.
  • They do a great job labeling allergens.
  • Starburst have a green lemon/lime flavor instead of the regular lemon and have a purple black currant flavor instead of everyone’s favorite: pink.
  • The weather report is literally never correct. There was a 90% chance of rain today and I didn’t see a drop. Other days there’s been a 20% chance and it’s rained lightly for a few hours. Every time I leave the house I make sure that we have rain jackets and multiple layers.
  • Light switches are always outside of the bathrooms due the level of electric current and the inherent humidity.
  • Staying at home with your kids is the hardest job in the damn world. 




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  1. Rebekah Shay says:

    When people at school would ask if enjoyed staying home, I said yes, because I do, but good lord I am always way more worn out than teaching middle schoolers. Not sure how, but it is exhausting! Glad you were able to get out and about and explore some! But thats’s exhausting too!


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