Visas and Flights

Shit is getting real. 

We spent a mere 2.5 hours in the visa office yesterday. Thank goodness Brett is finally home. I don’t know what I would have done without man-on-man coverage. Monkey See and Monkey Do were running around the hot office like caged animals that had their first taste of freedom. It is damn near impossible to to get a 21 month old to be still and look at a camera – not the ceiling, not the floor, not over at mama. And apparently my son is some kind of alien species (I’ve always suspected that was the truth) because his fingertips straight up refused to be scanned regardless of how we pressed them on the little green pad. This was followed my a meltdown akin to turning off the Wild Kratts half way through which entails whining, crying, and literally melting down into the floor. Because obviously applying pressure to your fingers warrants that kind of drama.


On a high note, I finally got to see the underground downtown tunnels! Being a mere pleb in a school across town I’d never seen these mysterious tunnels that everyone who works downtown talks about. I feel like I got to see behind the velvet ropes! Most people gave us curious looks as their heel clicks led them away to offices much like the one we were terrorizing – I mean patiently waiting in. Naturally, Mia refused to ride in her stroller – going boneless when we tried to strap her in – her screams echoing off the tunnel walls as we pointlessly tried to make her succumb to our will. Ah, children are such a joy.


Surely in an effort for our children to vacate the premises, our visas were approved.

Our flights are now booked as well. So like I said above, shit is getting real. We’ll be flying out on Thursday, July 26th. Next step is a laundry list of things to cancel: cable, internet, cell phone stuff, and a million other tiny things that I probably won’t think of until the last minute.