Salute to all the single moms

This week marks week 5 that Brett left for Aberdeen and I’ve been single mom-ing it with my two children aka two terrorists, as a good friend lovingly refers to them.

How in the shit do people do this all the time? 

Maybe it would be easier if I wasn’t dealing with a transatlantic move? Maybe it would be easier if I hadn’t just left a job I truly love? But maybe being a single mom is this hard no matter what. (Let it also be known that I say this with full knowledge of the help that I have. Brett’s parents and mine have been literal life savers in this sea of uncertainty. I honestly do not know what I would do without them.)

My favorite place to take my spawn is the beach. It’s my favorite place for several reasons:

  1. The beach is loud and it drowns out their crazed high-pitch voices.
  2. The sun and the waves exhaust them. They typically go to bed without protest and sleep HARD.
  3. Mia’s rolls are on full display. (Especially when she marches buck naked into the ocean.)
  4. It’s perfectly appropriate to start drinking at 10 AM. (Although I did restrain myself until 11:15.)

Thankfully, Brett is coming home next week! Relief is on the way! It also means that our departure is quickly approaching.