The River Dee & The Pink Castle

The weather we experienced today was probably much closer to typical Aberdeen weather than we’d experienced prior. It was cloudy, rainy, and stayed in the 50s. However, as the Scottish say, “There is no bad weather. There are only poor clothing choices.” We started the day with a walk along The River Dee.

Followed by a rainy but stunning drive to Craigievar Castle – it’s PINK!! Who knew there was such a thing as a pink castle? Not going to lie, it’s hue was one of the main reasons I wanted to go. They only have guided tours at the castle which would have been miserable with our very active kiddo. Much like we’ve experienced in Scotland so far though, there was thought put into kids like him. The family’s crest had a rooster- excuse me, cockrell – on it and there were cockrells hidden in each room that the kids had to find. He loved it and we got to listen to the tour guide. Win-win!