The Highland Games

To celebrate Father’s Day we went to The Highland Games! We loved it but apparently Aberdeen’s Highland Games aren’t well thought of since Aberdeen is technically outside of the highlands. Staying with the theme of Scotland, there were plenty of things for kids to do while adults watched the feats of strength. Only men would think of things like lifting a telephone pole and making it land on the opposite end to prove their manliness.



There were tons of bounce houses at the games. On one of them we noticed that Brooks had is pants on backwards! We’ve been encouraging him to be more independent in getting dressed and not relying on us. His jacket covered the front and back of his pants though so we didn’t notice until he was going down the slides. I’m laughing as I remember Brett pulling him to the side to get his pants sorted out.

There was a booth full of owls! You could pick any owl you wanted to and take a picture with it. We came back to this booth multiple times!

He also got to put on real pilot gear – including a parachute sack – and sit in a retired fighter helicopter.

He and Brett also tried on medieval armor and held daggers and swords while the booth attendant explained in a little too much detail how one would kill another wearing armor.

The weather is a fickle thing in Scotland! The temperature was in the 80s by the time we left!