House Hunting and Sight Seeing

Y’all. Houses in Aberdeen are crazy different than the states. For one, open concept is nonexistent. Everything is sectioned off and every room has a door, even the kitchen. Many of the houses/ double uppers (this is when a massive old home is broken up into what we would call a duplex but instead of slicing it down the middle, one person has the upstairs and another the downstairs) have spiraled staircases that are a literal death trap for young children. And probably myself as well after a glass of wine. After Brooks fell down the whole staircase we decided we could cross the rest of the double uppers off our list.

Many of the homes don’t have dryers! Or in Scottish speak: tumble dryers. Now in a country where it is cold and rainy the vast majority of the year, how in the world do you get your clothes dry????!!! This is still a mystery to me. No one can really answer it. The realtors just kind of skirt the question. Brett made it a mandatory requirement that the homes we look at have a tumble dryer – so that really narrowed our search.

We finally settled on a cute little townhome in the village of Cults. It has beautiful views of the countryside and is in a cute little neighborhood. It’s relatively new compared to the other places we saw and is on a street with several families with young children. However, huge selling point for me: THERE ARE OUTLETS IN THE BATHROOMS! Those of you who haven’t ventured to the UK might find my excitement a bit ridiculous but outlets in the bathrooms are UNHEARD OF there. No one who lives in the UK can believe we found such a thing.

I need to get better about documenting our journeys. I do not have pictures of any of the homes, just pictures of the view and neighborhood.

So after touring 4 homes – something that would have taken the majority of the day and led to us sitting in pools of our own sweat in Houston, we opted for lunch and a walk by the beach.


Followed by a ferris wheel ride at Cardona’s Amusement Park. 

Then on to Dunthie Park – which Brooks calls Humpty Dumpty Park. Truly stunning park. Huge open spaces for running, whimsical playground equipment, zip lining, and the award winning Winter Gardens.

We contemplated going home for a rest before heading to Dunnottar Castle but noticed that it closed by 5:30 so decided to forego the rest and head straight to Stonehaven – a charming little village about 15 miles from Aberdeen. The views at Dunnottar are incredible. My pictures won’t do them justice. They are otherworldly. Something that exists in movies and books but not views that exist in real life. But damn. You’ve got to work for them! My Apple Watch clocked us at 38 flights of stairs after the visit!

Brooks didn’t need to much convincing to move to Scotland at the end of the day!