The Journey Begins

Last week was a big week for Brooks! He had his first plane ride and his first (hopefully of many) international trips. Aside from complaining about the distance he had to walk in the airport, he was actually really well behaved! I was thrilled that the bar was set up in such a prime location where he could watch all of the activity and I could have a drink in relative peace!VVa64bYzQSSrMCQGf9R0+A

He was amazed that the plane had a tv to watch of his very own and wasted no time figuring out where the headphones went and selecting titles he wanted.


We had a short layover in London before taking a little prop plane up to Aberdeen. It was an incredibly windy day and I experienced the most crazy turbulence I’ve ever encountered. Brooks loved it though. He was laughing like crazy while other passengers were gripping the armrests so hard their knuckles were turning white.

I was in high school when I got on a plane for the first time. In my 20s when I got a passport and left the country for the first time. Thirty the first time I went to Europe. He’s accomplished all of those things and he’s 5. I’m frustrated as hell with Brett’s slow moving company but I’m so grateful for this opportunity to show my kids the world.

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak WaltonIMG_3777